At Once More CrossFit, we cater to everyone from professional athletes to those just wanting to get in shape. We pride ourselves in being different from the typical gym or fitness center. We do not have any machines, useless equipment, mirrors, or egos. We only have the necessary components for our members to achieve elite levels of fitness. Once More CrossFit is a unique community oriented facility. You will be a part of a supportive community dedicated to helping each other achieve their fitness goals.

It is easy to feel intimidated by CrossFit, but the truth is, CrossFit is for anyone with a desire to improve their health and fitness. Our workouts are scalable to any age and fitness level. Whether you are just wanting to get in shape, or an athlete wanting to further your sport, we can help! We host 5 classes a day that are only 45 minutes to an hour long, so you don't need to spend all day at the gym! At Once More CrossFit, you will have a trainer with you during every workout, teaching you how to move your body with proper mechanics, stability, balance, and agility. We require you to use your brain and muscles, to challenge yourself, try new skills you never thought possible.

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Everyone who joins our gym, regardless of fitness or athletic background, is required to attend 2 on-ramp classes. These classes are dedicated to giving you an introduction to what CrossFit is, teaching you the basic movements of CrossFit, and other information that will improve your fitness experience. These On-Ramp classes are 2 hours long, and are conducted on the first and second saturday of the month. You should come with an open mind and ready to learn. You should bring athletic clothes, proper workout shoes, and water. To sign up and start your fitness journey at Once More CrossFit, contact us at (


We don't put a limit on how many times you can come during the week, all memberships are unlimited classes.

MonthlyRs. 4500Rs. 8000Rs. 3500
QuarterlyRs. 13,000Rs. 22,000Rs. 8,000
Half YearlyRs. 23,000Rs. 36,000Rs. 16,000
YearlyRs. 35,000Rs. 60,000Rs. 28,000

15 session package: Rs. 3750 - 3 months validity
1 session: Rs. 550

Personal training available upon request Talk to us about Family Pricing, Student Discount and more!!!

Monday to FridayGroup Classes6AM, 7AM, 12PM, 6:30PM & 7:30PM
1st & 2nd SaturdaysOn-Ramp9:30AM - 1PM
3rd & 4th SaturdaysOpen Gym9:30AM - 1PM